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We are so happy you stopped by. Prairiesun Organics is a small scale family farm located in SE South Dakota.  We raise miniature Dexter cows for milk and meat, KuneKune pigs, row crops, laying hens for eggs, and chickens for meat.  We also raise organic vegetables and planning a future fruit orchard. We also have an on-farm meat processing plant.

About Us

Image of whole frozen meat chicken

Meat chickens

On-farm processing

Fresh whole eggs

 Available July 2020.  We raise healthy meat birds on pasture supplemented with certified organic grains.  Our birds are hand-fed and provided a happy shady place to rest, eat, and play with just the right amount of sunshine.  They are humanely slaughtered on farm under clean, controlled conditions for food safety and meat quality. Whole Chicken Nutrition Label

Image of three brown eggs

Fresh whole eggs

On-farm processing

Fresh whole eggs

Available August 2020.  Our delicious, rich, deep yellow yolk eggs are from heritage breed laying hens that are chosen for their docility rather than the number of eggs produced. They cook up fluffy with the ultimate "taste" wow factor. Our chickens love to free range around the farm yard eating hundreds of insects a day. They love warm baths in winter and a blow dry! 

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On-farm processing

On-farm processing

On-farm processing

We are finally starting to process our meat birds in a brand new on-farm certified organic processing plant using Featherman Pro equipment.  We do not use sanitizers in the water and we test every batch of raw meat for pathogens at a local laboratory. Our plant undergoes annual inspection by Midwest Organic Services Association. Current Organic Certificate.

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Prairiesun Organic Farm

We love our customers, so feel free to call or email ahead for an appointment. angela@prairiesunorganics.com

PrairieSun Organic Poultry

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Laying Hens on Pasture

Check out this beautiful video of our laying hens from summer 2017. These birds had to be immediately removed due to high level pesticide exposure from drift. We miss them so much.

Prairiesun Organic Corn Harvest

Check out this great video about our family and our 2014 grain harvest. It was our very best yielding per/acre profit.  My dad, Ed, in this video passed away the following month. This is dedicated to that great man I loved so much. Unfortunately those days are over as we transition back to organic and try to get our farm plan back in order.

Meet the Farm Animals


DB Minnie Miniature Dexter Heifer

Meet our newest addition to the farm - Miss DB Minnie out of ESF Doll Baby born August 19th at just 32 pounds.  She is so sweet. She is a beauty and will make a wonderful milking Dexter cow like her mama.